It’s, I think one more good news for G3 owners:


As long as you have between $999 (wireless data transfer and AHRS) and $5,000 (all other stuff including weather) dollars to spend.

Much cheaper than 650/750 upgrade-)

What are you trying to accomplish though?

Flight plan programming during hot days. Couple times got oil overheating in PSP on IFR departure.

Can’t you get your clearance before startup and program it then?

Possible but complicated, especially if you have crying babies on board. I don’t now why, but both (2&4) fall asleep right after take off…

The flightstream 210 is compatible with ForeFlight and it’s $999- that’s cool - will this be available for Perspective G1000? Just says “Select G1000s”

What is the latest regarding availability of Flightstream for Garmin Perspective?

The new 2016 model Sr’s will have flightstream 210 and GDL88 Cirrus already has these as SB’s on there website also if you click on 2016 pricing it show all this there in the packages. As soon as they write them for the rest of the fleet should be a easy upgrade…