Europe: Shoreham EGKA (UK) to Lausanne LSGL (Switzerland)

This is a brief report on a trip which is very achievable and delivers a lot of value, in terms of a really good destination. Those keen on skiing can be there in 3 hours, plus about an hour on the train.

Peter - excellent report as usual. Thanks for the Lausanne PIREP - I’m particularly interested as I’ve bought a ski pad on the opposite side of the lake in the Portes Des Soleil. Lausanne is probably a better option than Geneva or Annemasse. I’ll have to see how convenient it is to rent a vehicle there or if they’d be amenable to letting me put a car there.

Hi Morgan,

If you need more information, I’m based in LSGL and regularly fly to Fairoaks along the same route.

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PS to Peter : excellent as usual !

Herve - good to know! I’m thinking about stopping by in mid to end of May, if I need any pointers I’ll drop you a line. Thanks!