Engine veiw

I just got engine View but it does not say fuel remaining . I have intered fuel amount to full but it still is not there. Can anyone tell me if need to do something else. Or did the installer not do something. Thanks from Don

Don -

I have used EngineView (older, G version) for about a year with no problems with fuel onboard calculations. Arnav is now back at the factory for the upgrade.

In the old version, when I went to the Fuel page from the EngineView Engine Monitor page, I was prompted to either enter a specific fuel onboard reading at the start of the flight or to accept the 81 gals default for the SR22.

If I accept the default, EngineView returns to the Engine Monitor page. The Fuel Remaining calculation is updaged on the Map page.

Don’t know if things will be any different (and wrong ? ?) after the software upgrade.


Doesn’t change after the upgrade. However, once main map page is up, you have to toggle for the left stack to come up - the fuel remaining and other fuel info comes up then.