engine corrosion

We are having issues along the gulf coast with crank-shft rust which if not cought early will lead to engine teardown and crank inspection. Anyone else having these issues?

If I may, here are some questions for you:

  • How many hours per year is the airplane flown?
  • Does it ever sit for long intervals (> 2 weeks) without being flown? If so, what has been the longest idle interval?
  • Is the airplane hangared?
  • Does your oil temperature in flight reach at least 175 degrees?
  • What kind of oil do you use?
  • Are you using CamGuard?

Great list. Here is one more:

Are you using a dehumidifier like this?

I always blow out my crankcase at my destination with of these. The amount of fog coming out tells me I am doing the right thing. It is light, portable and effective. It is just a rechargeable Coleman air mattress inflator. I connected it to a 2 foot piece of clear Tygon tubing from a hardware store. I run the air into the dipstick hole and the moisture comes out through the add oil opening (remove the cap first, of course). I keep running the air in until the fog stops, usually about one minute or so. It’s just part of my shut down ritual now. The dehumidifier may be a good idea for someone by the beach or in very humid environments, because the crankcase is open to the outside air and it “breathes” in at night when temperatures go down.

John I believe is speaking of the exterior of the crankshaft…the prop flange and crank exposed surface…and yes John…I’ve note a few with varying levels of surface treatment and corrosion from TCM

Cleaning, treating and appropriate film application would be “A good thing”