Electronic logbook

I would like to back-up my traditional logbook with an electronic version. I am not a spreadsheet whiz and am not too interested in learning how to write my own unless there is no good alternative. It would be nice if it could keep track of time-in-type, IFR currency, night currency, BFR due dates, endorsements etc. Any suggestions for commercial or user-generated software or spreadsheets would be welcomed…thanks in advance!

I have used the one that comes with the RMS flight planer. Don

I use what I think is the best one out there, it is web based and free.



I’ve been very happy with Logbook Pro from NC-Software. It isn’t free, but is well supported, and has optional modules for logging & summaries on your Palm or Pocket PC. It also has an add-in for graphicly mapping your log, which makes for nice wallpaper.

It was interesting to see this post. I am currently evaluating AeroLog Pro and Logbook Pro. They look like the two best. If you get Aviation Consumer (recommended) then see their comparison last winter. So far here are my thoughts:


Neither are as easy as they look to get started with. I was surprised at the items that were up for the user to define such as licenses held.

AeroLog Pro: http://www.polarisms.com/aerolog.htm

Has a scripting language. Seems to be the most powerful in terms of being able to be programmed to do almost anything. Windows remind me of older Windows software with data windows separate from the toolbar. Annoying. Better value. $75 for a version that handles multiple pilots and includes both Pocket PC and Palm software. Enter the N number and rest of plane data is in. One of the top programs for many years. If you need ultimate power this is probably it. Just remember that this comes from a scipting language and not always from predefined items. Scripting is pretty global from modifying the database to a report generation language. Database checks vs. valid US airports. You can update the database if you need to easily i.e. add your own.

Logbook Pro: http://www.logbookpro.com/

Lack of a global programming language means I haven’t found how to do a global search and replace. More and better defined reports than AeroLog. Prints the FAA Form 8710 Part III data. Great video training. Very active users forum. A slicker look than AeroLog. Expensive ($150 + $30 for PDA). I particularly dislike the separate purchase of the Palm or Pocket PC interface ($30). If you change from one to the other you have to buy the interface for the other device type. Can’t just enter the N number. Must enter type (say C172) and then N number. Seems faster than AeroLog. Option of Spreadsheet style is nice for general looking around. Perhaps a little more intuitive than AeroLog. Can sync between two machines.

If it sounds like I have a preference then think again. I keep going back and forth. RIght now I am startign to run the demos, finish up the Logbook Pro videos, and try to see what will work the best for the Platts. Both have downloadable demos which I recommend. Also, download the Logbook Pro video training.

I have been using logshare.com for a few months. It has worked very well for currency, reviewing time in type, total time, etc. Graphics also present interesting viewing. A good solution with the best price - free!

It looks quite good and I’m interested in using it. Is there any way to import 1000+ hr worth of data from an excel spreadsheet or must one enter one’s entire history manually?

Looks like you would need to enter by hand which is a bummer but hard to argue with free. Fortunately, I found it when I had like 40 hours…



Don’t know if this works, but was going to try it myself. Do one entry for each macro category of flight (like night, IFR, Cross country, etc…) with the total from you logbook. Only downside would be it can’t accurately calculate currency with that, so it might be worth hand loading the last 6 months details and get your macro numbers in that way.


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