Electronic Checklists

Are the built-in electronic checklists in the Garmin glass panel modifiable?

Yes they are. https://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=5075

Any chance the avidyne check lists can be changed?

id love to have my guy make some common sense changes


Sorry, Avidyne electronic checklists are not changeable. Perhaps a hacker could break into it. But short of that, no.

Others have already pointed to the editor from Garmin.

At least in my G3 TN I wouldn‘t use them without modification as the electronic checklists from Cirrus don‘t match the POH/TN STC. And yes, I had the latest version from the website.

Be aware that you are not allowed to remove items from the checklist which are listed in the POH.


As others have posted, you can’t edit the checklists on the Avidyne system.

I would recommend the excellent Smart Check app for iPad which allows you to customise existing check lists, add new ones and attach useful documents for easy access.

Thank you all for the answers.

Bernd, you made me curious. Can you point me to something, a published limitation, a an FAA guidance or regulation, for example, which prohibits removing something from the checklist because it is in the POH?

Thank you for the link.

if you are into tablet-based electronic checklists, I would look at the multi-platform MiraCheck.

Personally, I’m mostly a paper guy when it comes to checklists, but it’s the best of the breed I’ve seen.

Big fan of smartCHECK. Hooked into my Bose A20 with Bluetooth it reads it to me as I check the item. Hard to beat and a COPA memeber made it

I have that app. I did not realize it was customizable. Im gonna work on that now.


“Prohibited” might be too strong but if anything happens the attached document might be used against you:

“Pilots and operators, other than those operating an aircraft under 14 CFR Part 121 or 135 that choose to use COTS or personally developed checklists should meticulously compare them to the manufacturer’s checklist and placards contained in the POH/AFM to confirm they are consistent. “

I’ve reworked my checklists but I didn’t take out anything entirely with the exception of items inconsistent with the TN STC.

SAFO17006.pdf (42.7 KB)

That makes sense.

And yes, if you miss something which you removed from a checklist and there is an incident because of it, you will have at least two problems.