Deploying the BRS

What do you do with the used parachute?

I’ll be happy to buy one. (No hurry, please don’t use one for my benefit!)


Now that a real production parachute is available for inspection can someone answer the question I have wondered for more than a year. Is the parachute a pretty multi-colored model like the one used for testing and marketing in the brochure, or plain white? If it is multi-colored, why?

My understanding is that each is a different color. In training it was suggested that you add the chute color to the remarks section of your flight plan to help in any emergency search and rescue.

Mine is multicolored. (White and orange) Says so in the POH, in the weight and balance section, first page of the “Delivered Weight Data & Equipment List”. My CFI at Cirrus said the multicolors are for ease in IDing the wreck if you really do go down.

Comforting thought. Mike

And I suppose the idea behind having a variety of different chute patterns is that when there are many Cirri down all over the place, you can quickly tell which one is which. Or is it just a fashion thing?

In the military the chutes were green white and orange. That way the survivor could use different segments for shelter and signalling and depending upon his (her) needs, could use different panels for camouflage.

Its a fashion thing - you know, “my wife wouldn’t ride in my plane unless its parachute was different from the other wives’ parachutes!” ROFLMAO

On the serious side: … and now MY wife won’t fly in MY plane because she doesn’t think the 'chute will work if needed. We’ve got to get confidence high again…