Delivery Checklist

David Bulman has given me permission to publish the delivery checklist he used when picking up his plane – check it out on the “Miscellaneous Stuff” section of the http://www.cirruspilots.orgMain COPA Page. There’s a few things on there I wish I would have checked for at delivery time.


Dave’s list is great. Here are a few more items that folks might want to add:

  1. Remove cowl and inspect engine compartment.
  2. Check circuit brakers. (On SR22, make sure all “essential” items will function if either the essential or the non-essential brakers are pulled. Also, if either the #1 or #2 battery/alternator switches are off.)
  3. Check the bushings around the pins in the door latching system. They should be tight.

I checked the first two items and found no problems. I missed the last item and had to get replacements and adhesive instructions from Cirrus which arrived very quickly.