COPA To Honor Dale Klapmeier with a Lifetime Achievement Award Friday Oct.18, at COPA Migration 17 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Starting in Baraboo, Wisconsin, in the early 1980s, Dale and his brother Alan founded what would become Cirrus Aircraft. Dale is the only person at Cirrus Aircraft who has seen every step of an amazing journey from the basement of his parent’s barn to the No. 1 general aviation brand in the world. Every pilot of the more than 7,000 Cirrus aircraft built, each flight instructor who has taught in a Cirrus, all mechanics who have serviced a Cirrus and all of the employees and suppliers who work for and with Cirrus are indebted to Dale for his determination to create a world-class airplane.

What was a risky proposition in the 1980s became a reality on the cusp of the new century. The dawning of a new millennium saw the scrappy company, now based in Duluth, Minnesota, become a juggernaut. Through booming times and the worst economic collapse in nearly 100 years, Dale’s steady hand guided Cirrus to greatness.

It is fitting that COPA honor Dale as he announces he is stepping down from the post of Cirrus Aircraft’s chief ecective officer (CEO). During his tenure as CEO, Cirrus certified the SF50 Vision Jet while producing the best-selling GA airplane in the world.

With 5,800 members and growing, COPA will honor Dale with a lifetime achievement award at a ceremony which will bring together the largest gathering of Cirrus owners ever assembled. Big plans are underway to create a memorable night for Dale as we present the award. We will be inviting many industry professionals, colleagues, family and employees to share in our celebration of Dale’s lifetime of service to aviation.

Make your plans to join us at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans, October 17-20 to share in the celebration of Dale’s achievement.

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We look forward to seeing you at Migration!!!

That is so well deserved, and fitting!

Great job, Bill and committee, for deciding for this!

And warmest congratulations to Dale, and deepest thanks for sticking with his baby through the highs and the lows!

Well deserved, Congratulations to Dale and the whole Cirrus team who added another great dimension to my families life. Thank you, Joyce and I look forward to toasting Dale in New Orleans.



Great. How about joining us at Migration this year, and you can upstage Dale with a book signing.

I just love a good turf war.

We can also have a shaving contest or a “who has the better half shaven beard” contest.