From AOPA’s epilot news…

VOLUNTEER OF THE WEEK – GORDON FEINGOLD AOPA Airport Support Network volunteer Gordon Feingold reports a major success for general aviation pilots flying out of Santa Barbara Airport (SBA) in California. After successfully lobbying several city agencies and the city council, Feingold and other local pilots convinced the state to sign off on the airport’s facilities improvement plan. The improvement plan calls for the building of the first new hangars in 30 years as well as other major GA improvements. After the plan was approved, Feingold said the airport manager pulled him aside and remarked, “We couldn’t have done this without you [local GA pilots]. Our airport administration now clearly recognizes the value and activism of our local GA pilots and businesses.”

Well done Gordon.

Well done, and thanks, as well, Gordon. One of the nice things about flying is that if anyone or thing is helped in aviation we all benefit.