Cockpit Weather

This is not really a Cirrus related question, but there are many techno/knowledgable people on this board, which I why I am posting here

I’ve been researching various completely portable in-flight weather/etc systems (ie, Echoflight, using the flight cheetah and controlvisions anywhere weather). Would also want a system with electronic approach plates and GPS overlay. The flight cheetah seems big enough to show approach plates; and control visions forthcoming Raven will have same size display (the IPAQ seems too small to me)

I heard once that the Echo Flight weather has a very slow download onto Garmin panel screens (ie, integration issues)…but does this mean the same issue exists using the Flight Cheetah? I could end up with a Garmin system in my plane one day…but for now, that is unlikely and I am strictly focusing on finding the best fully portable system.

Anyone care to comment on these two systems…are there obvious advantages/disadvantages (eg, I notice that using the controlvision XM radio weather source means the GPS connection is made using bluetooth…intuitively, I’d think a hardwire would be better). What do you guys recommend…

I know you are an active participant on the Public Forum but this is the sort of information that is discussed in extraordinary detail on the Member’s Forum. There are literally hundreds of posts on WxWorks, XM systems, Echo Flight, Anywhere WX etc. These discuss installation issues, lag times, display readability, interpretation of NEXRAD pictures etc.
I really think that it is worthwhile to consider joining COPA so you have immediate and full access to the site. What you will find is a wealth of information that applies to flying, not just flying a Cirrus.

I would have to echo Jerry’s comments on this one. Not trying to get you to sign up or anything (although you would certainly be welcomed), but I don’t think you will get the depth of responses here in the public forum on a topic that has been discussed ad nauseum in the members forum.



There are indeed many solutions. Right now, the XM Radio seems to be the most popular. There are many sources, including purchasing the WxWorx OnWings, NAVAir (from Airgator), Anywhere Wx, True Flight (essentially the Cheetah) and others.

I’ve used most of the systems at one point or another and there are pros and cons depending on your mission. Bluetooth vs. hardwire is again mission dependent.

I’d be happy to discuss these options with you on the phone or via e-mail.

I’ll send you a private message on this site.

As others have said, this is one of the most thoroughly discussed topics in the other forum – any aspect of any system, you can learn about in many many hundreds of posts (and installation photos, and inflight screen shots, etc). FWIW I would imagine that the savings in choosing the right in-cockpit system would by themselves cover the Copa membership cost – OTOH, the lost-productivity cost of reading posts on many other topics has to be factored in too. [;)]


I don’t think there are any portable weather systems that require you to use a Bluetooth GPS. Some systems allow you that option, but I think they all work with a wired GPS (or a GPS in a PDA card slot).


Thanks all for the replies…