Cirrus Parts Update

Update as of 2023-09-08T07:00:00Z

Due to the ongoing Parts Supply issues from Cirrus Aircraft, COPA has made a Priority of providing regular updates to this Topic for the any part known to have an extended Leadtime or Backlog.

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The COPA Board of Directors have been in regular contact with Cirrus Aircraft Leadership regarding the Parts Supply issues. We trust that Cirrus is working diligently to address the supply issues both internally and with their external supply partners. We understand that there are various complexities with regards to this topic. Due to this, Cirrus recommends working with your preferred Cirrus Authorized Service Center for any Specific questions you may have regarding parts related to your aircraft.

However, Some of the lead-times are simply unacceptable.
While not always the case, these longer lead time items are typically related to older generation aircraft.
We have requested that Cirrus work with industry partners to allow for greater resources(beyond Cirrus) to be available specifically for these older/“Legacy” airframes.

COPA stands ready to support these older aircraft by not only working directly with Cirrus, but by also coordinating and working with other Industry partners that seek PMA/STC approvals for parts.

COPA has specifically requested Monthly updates from Cirrus with regards to the following Items along with others that may be of concern.
We will also provide updates out of cycle as we are made aware from other sources as well.

Parachutes and Rockets aka CAPS:


COPA Recommends that all owners schedule their repacks with the Cirrus Service Center of their Choice at least 6 months in advance of their Parachute and/or Rocket expiration.

Cirrus is prioritizing deliveries to aircraft that are, or are approaching an AOG Status. that is priority is given to Expired Componets vs original Order date.
Therefore it is recommended to schedule these dates with your Service Center as Close to expiration date as possible, at this time.

Specific known Lead-Times by Generation:


SR22-G1 - Latest Reports are “On-Time” or Just in Time.
SR22-G2 - Awaiting Confirmation/Verification
SR22-G3 - Awaiting Confirmation/Verification
SR22-G5 - AOG Risk - Varying from 3-6 weeks -


SR20-G1 - Awaiting Confirmation/Verification
SR20-G2 - Awaiting Confirmation/Verification
SR20-G3 - Awaiting Confirmation/Verification
SR20-G5 - Awaiting Confirmation/Verification

CAPS Line Cutters:

Line Cutters are required to be replaced every 6 years from their expiration date. There are multiple variants based on the weight Capacity/Generation of the parachute.


COPA Recommends: Order Line Cutters from your preferred Cirrus Authorized Service Center 6 Months in advance.

SR20 Nose Gear Bumpers/Pucks


Part Number:11879-006 is currently no longer being manufactured by the original suppler.
It is currently unknown how long this lead time may be.
Estimated Leadtime: 8-10+ Months.

Nose Landing Gear Struts

SR22 G1/G2 Nose Wheel Landing Gear Struts

Estimated Leadtime: 8-10+ Months *

*It is important to note that there is a Service Bulletin SB2X-32-19R3.pdf (323.5 KB) that does address the monitoring of some "allowable " cracks that have been approved/tested by Cirrus. Be sure to consult with your Cirrus Service Center on this issue. It may also be advisable to seek a seconded opinion on this item.

Also, there are possible repair options available.
Please see the following Topics on our forums related to this subject.

MCU - Master Control Units

There are possible extended lead-times for some generation of MCU’s
More information will be provided here at a later update.

Field Control modules aka Voltage Regulators

There are possible extended lead-times for some generation of Field Control modules.
More information will be provided here at a later update.

Fuel Transducers (Fuel-Flow Sensors)

There are possible extended lead-times for some generation of Fuel Transducers.
More information will be provided here at a later update.

Manifold Pressure Sensors

There are possible extended lead-times for some generation of Manifold Pressure Sensors
More information will be provided here at a later update.