Cirrus Advanced Safety

This is exciting news for Cirrus owners! Cirrus is leading the way for General Aviation to improve safety. An improved safety record for Cirrus aircraft will be a benefit to everyone.

I have been evaluating both Columbia and Cirrus aircraft - but this makes my decision easy! I want to own an aircraft with the same advanced safety tools that the airlines have. It has served the airlines well and it should do the same for the Cirrus community. Knowledge is power!

Aviation Companies Team To Provide GA Flight Data Monitoring System

Modeled On FAA’s FOQA Info-Sharing Program
Systems developer Alakai Technologies Corporation, data management and analysis software provider OpenAero, and system integrator and safety analyst CAPACG announced Tuesday a teaming agreement to provide an all-in-one Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) solution for piston engine aircraft,
such as the Cirrus SR20 and SR22.

The companies tell ANN the partnership marks the first combined effort to provide general aviation pilots with a “plug-and-play” engine and flight data monitoring, recording, and analysis system. The new package – based on
standardized, FAA-approved Flight Operational Quality Assurance (FOQA) programs for commercial aircraft – enables non-commercial aviators to
monitor and share engine trend and flight operations data.

Under the FOQA model, data is de-identified and voluntarily shared in aggregate, allowing contributors to remain anonymous while learning and improving operations from data shared by other owners and operators. While
the system leverages the best features of the FOQA model, there are no FAA requirements associated with it.

Those not interested in this option can use the FDM as an informational program, to simply enhance individual operations and performance.

“Flight Data Monitoring and the ability to share data has the potential to become a valuable tool among flight instructors,” said J.J. Greenway, chief flight instructor with the AOPA Air Safety Foundation. “Data-sharing opens
doors for improved teaching and increased safety possibilities.”

The teaming agreement is intended to make the affordable, one-stop shop technology more user-friendly for Cirrus and other single-engine owners and operators, as well as less expensive. The companies plan to expand service
to twin-engine aircraft and light jets in the near future.


uhhh which company do you WORK for ?,,

Sorry - None of the above. I work for an airline safety department and recognize the benfits of a FOQA program. Do some “google searches” on FOQA and you’ll understand the benefits it offers in safety and training.

There was a statistic a few years back that airlines that had FOQA programs had an accident rate 1/2 that of non-FOQA airlines. (worldwide). FOQA is somewhat new in the United States but has been in Europe for about 30 years.

My sense is that some of the training advantages that commercial pilots have will soon be available to Cirrus pilots. That will improve the Cirrus safety record in the long run.

I received that press release from the “Curt Lewis” safety e-mail that goes out to most airline safety professionals. I was just excited for the Genreal Aviation community (of which I am a member) and thought I’d share the good news!