Chicago Midway

I have to make an unexpected flight to the Chicago area and Midway is the closest airport to my destination. Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments on the GA-friendly nature of Midway? Any recommended FBOs?
BTW: Thanks for posting the Closest Airport Web sources.
Thank you, Jeffrey Cardenas

Stopped at Midway on my way back from Duluth, and used Atlantic Aviation. They seem to handle both jets and 100LL’ers well, and offered me a free shuttle to and from the main airport terminal and subway system into town (4 minute drive).

MDW is a busy airline airport but it does handle a moderate amount of GA (mostly corp jets). It is getting more light traffic since Meigs closed. There are 3 FBOs as of the last time I was there - Signature, Atlantic and MillionAir. I use MillionAir and have been happy with them. Fuel is expensive but that’s par for the course in the Big City.
It is much easier to get in and out under IFR. Also be very aware of wake turbulence. ATA flies 757s in there and they leave a very nasty wake.