CAPS Save #3 in SR22 N916LJ near Fort Lauderdale, FL [10 April 2004] (Another CAPS save!)

This from Aero-News Network:
WOW! SECOND Cirrus BRS Save in 48 Hours!
Sat, 10 Apr '04
A Cirrus SR 22 experiencing “mechanical difficulties” deployed a BRS Emergency parachute recovery system in southern Florida at 1000 Saturday morning. The aircraft was occupied by a single pilot, Jeffrey Ippoliti (41), of Celebration FL. Ippoliti is described as a high-time Cirrus pilot with a “lot” of experience. His destination was Palm Beach International Airport.
The SR22 departed Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport and experienced unspecified mechanical difficulties shortly into the flight. Conditions were described as IFR. The aircraft deployed the chute after the pilot elected to do so about six miles north of the airport. The aircraft suffered “minor” damage, descending over and landing in a field at Hampton Pines Park.
This data is VERY sketchy. Check back with us throughout the day, as we will present more info as soon as we get it. This is the SECOND BRS deployment for Cirrus Design in 48 hours and only the third in the history of the series. In October of 2002, SR22 pilot Lionel Morrison used a BRS recovery chute to save his life after a maintenance error disabled his aircraft North of Dallas Texas. On Thursday, Albert Kolk deployed the same type of system over “severely mountainous” terrain in Alberta, Canada.
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Jeff Ippoliti was one of the founding Directors of COPA. We are VERY happy to know that he’s safe!

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No Way! This is Crazy!

I’m glad he’s alright. Wow, this is only a few miles away.