Buying a GPU in Germany

Hi there,

Anyone here from Germany with experience actually buying a GPU? I only need it for Map updates, etc. and have 230V power available.

I consider the 28,5V 25/30A units from White Lightning and StartPac but it seems awfully painful to source them in Germany with a matching AC cable. Any suggestions?


Contact @mrh and he should be able to build one for whatever input voltage and frequency you need. Highly recommend!

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Hi Robert,
I have a Redbox 25 Amp GPU and I think that’s a great (but not cheap) product. I once bought it at the AERO show and it was sent to me not long after. But you can also check the German pilot stores, all of them have small GPUs!

You can get it from the UK if you strike out with @mrh Marc Hanna building up a GPU.

Thanks all. Also came across the Red Box product. Just failed to find a distributor in Germany whom I didn’t have to explain the product. Got the @mrh hint, I don’t think that’s viable, in Europe you can’t operate something without a CE certificate, insurances here look for reasons like that not to pay even in unrelated claims. His work looks great though.

Import from our dear Czech neighbors it is going to be most likely. I briefly considered a lab power supply for 1-30 V / 30 A, 900W and Aircraft cable but lean towards Start Pac, although that’s double the price. Dwarfed by the rest of the cost of the plane :crazy_face: :money_mouth_face:

Good point, AERO is this month. Might be worth a shot. Need to try to get a landing slot in EDNY for one of the days.

Thanks Alexis.

P.S. can you name one German store you have seen that in? I failed with all of the Eisenschmidt, Friebe & Co. Options and also the maintenance shops.

I can find about 12 distributors without looking very hard. Try this link.

:laughing: 0 of which are in Germany :roll_eyes:

That is kind of the issue…

So. Fly to Holland or Czech and throw it in the trunk. That’s why you have a plane.

:+1: :+1:

You can simply order it at RedBox

They put it in a box and send it! :joy:

This is the right one (not for starting)

What i would do:
Call them and tell them to bring one to aero!

  • no customs
  • no freight
  • maybe trade show special price

You know how it is, you order online for overseas shipping, the stuff never arrives, arrives incomplete or damaged, is stuck in customs. Any issue is a month long pain because you don’t have anyone local responsible. I still wait for cowling plugs ordered a loooong while ago. My experience with buying stuff that way is really bad. AERO is a good idea to initially get it but doesn’t help with any customer service issues later.

So far no suggestions where to buy something like that locally. I wait for a few distributor responses and next week will default to ordering a Start Pac from CZ, they had the most competent personnel, quickest responses and so on.

There is a distributor in Germany I found but they still struggle to get at least the specs for a AC power cord and never sold a unit as per the CEO. However, I like the White Lightning GPU with the Voltage and Amp meters.

I was hoping for a “fly to this Airport and they sell the stuff or even have it in stock”. Come on, we need to have dreams :laughing:

The REDBOX company can bring it to Aero, with an invoice.

I order everything I need (from European countries, from the US and from Japan) – and it has never happened that i didn’t get something.

UPS will do the customs for you if you order in England.

Airteam has one:

Siebert also has one:
Öffnungszeiten Ladengeschäft
Mo - Fr 08.00 - 18.00 Uhr
Sa (nur März - Juni und Dezember) 10.00 - 14.00 Uhr
Siebert Luftfahrtbedarf GmbH
Rektoratsweg 40
48159 MĂĽnster

MĂĽnster has a pretty big airport :slight_smile:

Thanks! I swear I checked them, seem to have used the wrong search words.

Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again for your help,

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If DIY is an option: putting a 24V 20+A DC power supply like this (there are many makers, most can be fine regulated to 28/30V)

and get a power connector like this:

plus a few m 4 or 6 mm2 speaker wire in a simple wood box you can find at Baumarkt (and a switch and maybe a second AC socket for other tools to run)

and you have a solution for around 200€ that works really well.

We all need to save somewhere to afford our flying, right ;-)?

Have fun, Theo

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Thanks again all, got the unit from Siebert meanwhile, issue closed. Now need the Jeppesen guru to return from Holidays and AERO prep. to actually have some data to update the units with. There is always something :laughing: