24 volt power unit - looking

I am looking for a 24volt power unit with the plug adapter to just to power my avionics in the hangar. Any ideas for something inexpensive?

Marc Hannah

mrhannah [at] comcast [dot] net

I bought mine from him few months ago and it works great. He makes them.


[Note - edited to obfuscate email address due to presence on public Forum]

Thanks, Alex. It’s best to use a COPA private message email. I don’t check the comcast.net email that frequently.

I can highly recommend Marc as well. He makes great units and I use them biweekly to perform my database updates for the MFD. The whole download to update my approach charts takes about 10-15 minutes. Rather than run down the battery I hook up Marc’s box and it powers all the avionics and actually partially recharges the battery as well.

Thanks everyone. Looks like Marc was the answer.