Blend Lines on Wings

I’m selling a 2007 Cirrus SR 22 G3 Turbo and it came to my attention that there are two subtle paint blend lines about three feet from the fuselage on each wing. I noticed entries about TKS repairs, but I’m wondering if this would be the cause of something that was possibly widespread on that vintage of Cirrus?

It could have came that way new. 2007 was not a great paint year, especially if it’s silver.

As Ross said silver that year was a problem. Cirrus repainted many wings perhaps yours was done before delivery. I have an 07 silver G3 that never looked great but wasn’t bad enough for warranty repaint. I eventually repainted the plane.

If there are no log book entries I’d wonder if this was the factory trying to get it right ?

I suspect there are lots of vintage posts to support this known issue.