BF Skywatch

Has anyone installed a BF Goodrich Skywatch on an SRXX aftermarket. If so, how much did you have to spend. Also, where was the antenna placed? Did it have any effect on the structural integrity of the AP?



I’ve heard generally Bad Things about trying to add either Skywatch or TCAD (or anything else that requires an antenna) on a Cirrus, due to difficulties in getting the installation approved since it might affect the structure of the composite.

Hopefully, as FSDOs and shops get more familiar with the Cirrus, this issue will go away. But for now, I would suggest the best thing to do, if you want the Skywatch, might be to wait for the Cirrus Skywatch retrofit kit, which has been talked about at various venues before, but has not (to my knowledge anyway) been officially announced/released.


The skywatch will be available from Cirrus soon. The ant. placement is not an issue since the work has already been done at the factory and it is certified. From what I understand the wiring is already in place on Sr22 ser # 75 and up. This should save the owners bocu bucks since we do not have to gut the plane to wire it…Ed