Belly burn

The day after I returned from the factory and the very first time I cleaned the belly of my plane (SR20) of oil and grime, I noticed a visible scorch mark and a small bulge on one side of the belly just aft of the exhaust pipe. Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so I would be interested to know how the repair issue of the composite was resolved.

I had the same. Make sure that you document this with photographs. Most important is that you check the clearance between the exhaust pipes and the belly and the status of the springs. If you cannot solve it by yourself, have an A&P look at it before the next flight. - Service center repaired my belly on warranty. It was only in the paint with my airplane.

There is a SR22 going in to Top Gun tomorrow for composite work to repair damage includint replacment of the metal plate. I understand that Cirrus has a new plate that will be replace the original in this case.

Just after I returned home with my plane 12 months ago there was a bulletin from Cirrus to check for a min of 1" separation between the exhaust and the bottom of the plane. If it is less than this it needs immediate attention to avoid further damage.

I have the same small discolored area. Will discuss it with service center.

Do you know whether or not this repair is done under warranty?

My understanding is it is done under warranty. If the answer is different I will let you know in the next few days. I find Cirrus to be very responsive to questions I suggest you call them or your local Cirrus service center.