Avidyne's F.A.Q. re. T.I.S. and Datalinked WX

I just came across the following discussion in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Avidyne web site. While there is no mention of the FlightMax EX5000C in this section of their web site, there is a substantial commonality among their display units, so the following is certainly informative as to the EX5000C:

"What’s all this talk of 100nm range TCAS?
As mentioned above, the range limit for traffic is a function of the traffic sensor. Current TCAS specifications (MOPS) limit the range of the systems to 40nm. To get 100nm or even 200nm traffic will require some form of automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) or traffic information system (TIS) technology, which is still being tested and developed. Whatever long-range traffic systems end up coming to market, FlightMax will be capable of acting as the display, at whatever ranges are available.

When, if ever, are you planning to offer Real Time Weather?
Real time weather availability will be a function of the service providers. Avidyne is poised to provide display capability for whomever the provider(s) ends up being, whether terrestrial-based or satellite-based. However, complete coverage across the US has yet to be achieved. We have announced plans to interface with the EchoFlight satellite datalink system and with AirCell for datalink capability. We plan to offer fully-functioning weather link, but again, this will depend on the service providers ability to provide coverage and a certified transceiver. See our Datalink page for additional info on Avidyne and all the service providers."

This is definitely encouraging. I have written Ian Bently, as have others with pending SR20/22 orders to request:

(1) That Cirrus specifically indicate to Avidyne that they intend to offer the Garmin GTX 330 Mode-S transponder with Traffic Information Service (TIS). This is all that Avidyne appears to be looking for before starting work on developing the necessary interface.

(2) To let Cirrus know that I am planning on putting in the Flight Max DX50 Datalink Receiver as soon as it is available.

(3) That I am planning on putting in the Avidyne engine monitoring module as soon as it is available.

BTW, if you have a pending order and intend to select the Avidyne MFD option, you need to let Cirrus know as soon as possible of your election. During this transition period, it would also be wise to indicate whether you want to accept delivery of the aircraft with a blank panel in the MFD location (definitely the cheaper option) or whether you want the ARNAV display over the interim.