Avidyne engine monitoring & datalink

I was just able to add the Avidyne engine monitoring to my SR-22 which will be delivered Sept. 9 (Pos. 361). The cost is $5750 (ouch). Nice screen shots at www.avidyne.com.

I understand that the Avidyne datalink is not yet ready but I was told Cirrus will definitely be supporting it and are working on it next, and that it will be a straightforward field install.

Did they give you any cut in date or SN#. We are set for Aug23 (344) and would like to have it, but 5,700 bucks. wow!

Did Cirrus contact you regarding this or did you ask?


The saddest part of the price is not only is it $5750, but you gotta multiply that by the CPI increase all the way back to the contract date even though it is a July 2002 option. And SR 20 orderers pay a steeper price because they have a bigger CPI percentage to multiply the $5750 times.

I didn’t make a note of it, but it was a position quite a few numbers before me.

It’s not cheap, but it looks like a pretty extensive set of sensors…I’ve gotten dependent on the EDM-700 in my 182 and this has a number of additional features. (% HP is very cool.) I also like the way the graphic display will minimize into a little corner of the moving map screen.

Avidyne’s description: "The FlightMax EX5000 Engine Monitor features a handy graphical fuel usage monitor, a “lean acquire” mode, and a “percent horsepower” display, which assist the pilot in taking the guess work out of fuel and power management. The integrated fuel monitor displays fuel flow and computes nautical miles per gallon, fuel remaining, fuel-to-waypoint, and fuel-to-destination. All six cylinder head (CHT) and exhaust gas temperatures (EGT), RPM, manifold pressure, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel flow, outside air temperature (OAT), and electrical bus voltages are also monitored and displayed.

It’s not that outrageously more expensive that it cost to put the EDM-700 on the 182 - a lot of labor went into it. I figure the extra 2 minutes warning I might get about a cylinder failure might be worth it…not to mention the backup to a lot of the steam gauges.

Avidyne’s image attached.


Some clarification for the rest of us please: Is this a price quote from Cirrus or Avidyne? The price of the ARNAV engine monitor was about $4500 but that was the ARNAV price. By the time most folks paid for installation it was significantly higher. So is this an installed price form Cirrus?

This is the price Cirrus quoted to add it to my aircraft which will be delivered in a couple of months.

Comparison pricing: ARNAV EMM35 was installed last month by Crown Air in San Diego. $5,740 included 20 hours labor and installation kit.


I just picked up my 22 on 6/29 and they didn’t have it then. Timing is everything! So now they do and my question is what is the price for the retro version and when will it be available at the service centers. Anyone know? Richard

I had just received my final delivery options paperwork, and it was not on it. So I included a letter to say that I was hoping to get it, and my contact Suzy called to say she had just found out it was available.


If it is being installed now at the factory, I would assume a Service Center could install it and get an STC. I am going to wait until October. By then the Datalink weather should be avail. and I will have both systems installed at the same time.

It will also let a few factory planes go through the install bugs before I put my plane through that process.


Mason: My thoughts exactly. I have the Avidyne EX5000 (one of the first factory installs) and I figure that the labor savings from having both put in at the same time will be significant.

I am still undecided on Skywatch. Do you have that or are you getting that installed as well?

Yes, I have the EX5000C and the Skywatch. My advice BUY IT. It is worth it. I feel so munch safer with this extra help seeing traffic.