Avidyne displays

I haven’t flown in 20 years, and was lucky enough to get an SR22 demo ride recently. Overwhelming to say the least! Inspiring enough to get me back into flying so I can work my way up to a Cirrus. Besides hearing “Traffic” in my ear, I didn’t get to see much of the capabilities of the avionics, but was figuring with GPS and a moving map, it could respond to what airspace you’re flying into, what MOAs or restricted areas are in your way, and even automatically display radio frequencies you should be monitoring. Does it? Is the data that drives the display a recuring expense? What does it cost? What else does it do that would amaze a C152 pilot from the 1980s?

Where do you live?

There’s probably a Cirrus owner nearby who’d love to show off their plane’s capabilities.

Woodland Hills, CA - between Van Nuys and Camarillo airports. I’m pretty sure there’s a couple around.

There a 2 Cirrus rentals at CMA