Avidyene Screen repair

Does anyone know how to remove the scratches from my PFD?


The only fix is to return it to Avidyne for a new screen Pricey, but the screen has a anti reflective coating that does not really allow any buffing or other type of repair.

Short of having the display screen replaced, an Aerotect screen protector will guard against future damage and minimize the optics of the current scratch.

Might be a tactic to see if a trip to Avidyne can be avoided. I’m not a big fan of sticking anything on the screens in general, though. I simply avoid touching them, and I clean them perhaps once a year. If they’re not touched or cleaned, they don’t get scratched. No touchie, no cleanie; no cleanie no scratchie. I even specifically tell shops and anybody I hire to clean the airplane to leave them alone.

Even better, press on the Factory MFD/PFD screen protectors. These are not the permanent stick-ons, but are the clear plastic protectors that come on units from the Factory. Most SC’s have a stock of them left over from installs.

Good idea!


I purchased a SR20-G2 that had some unbelievable “marks” on the screeen from fingers, pens , etc. Almost seems they felt they were touch screens! The screeens were also cleaned improperly. When the sun would hit just right, I couldn’t see a thing. I purchased the cleaner recommended by Avidyne, no joy. I then purchased the cleaners used by airlines…no joy. I then found out that the protective coating, if damaged could be removed but never could find out how to do this correctly and without taking the chance of causing more damage.

Of course, the return to Avidyne was an option although quite pricey. I decided to try Aero Tect, http://www.aircraftpaintprotection.net/Nav-Screen-Protection.html

I cleaned the screens as thoroughly as possible with the proper cleaner, absolutel;y no dust can be on the screens when placing the protectors.I carefully placed the protectors on… magic. The scratches all but vanished and when in direct or glaring light, no problem reading the screens.

A thought for you to ponder… at least try.

People have been putting screen protectors on LCDs for years now, I can’t come up with a good reason not to have one. You can buy them on Amazon for around $10. I put on on my iPad as soon as it came out of the box.

IIRC, in the fine print of Avidyne’s “Terms and Condition” warranty, if a screen protector is used, it voids the warranty. I might be wrong though?

That may be in the warranty, but my MFD went poof - and had a screen protector, but was replaced under extended warranty with no mention of that.

It is pretty simple take the screen protector off before you ask that they warranty it??