aviation tax consultant - "Flywealthserve"

If you are looking for an aviation tax consultant, please stay away from Flywealthserve. They lost their only CPA who took all the clients’ data and he is not letting them have access to it. Also, they hired a bankruptcy attorney.

Yep, happened right at tax time as well. I think Rick at FlyWealthServe dropped the ball pretty hard on this one.

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Curious how you know this. A bankruptcy filing is a public record, but which lawyer a business hires is highly confidential. Source?

I’m less interested in sources, and more interested in what FlyWealthServe is planning to do for their customers who have paid for their services.

Update - Tag line from email today (4.19.18):

-Thomas Rossomondo (CPA) joins FlyWealthServe-

Lets see whats next.

His former “CPA” was not actually a “CPA” either


Rick claims to be an attorney, but no bar association I can find has a record of him


Maryland has no record of Thomas Rossomondo or Mr Galvin, perhaps another database does?


Hello Brian - You must have typed my name in wrong. If you’re going to make statements in a forum such as this, at least get it correct.

Break out the popcorn! This show is getting good!