Average Empty Weight of a -20

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Last question for at least 15 minutes :^o

What is the standard empty weight of your SR-20 (I assume that it differs slightly than the POH number).

Do the -20’s with the PFD weigh less than those with steam gauges?

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Mine is 2166 with all of the options.

Paul N8153J (#1366)


My 2003 SR20 has an empty weight of 2111 lbs. It has a 2 blade prop, cloth interior, EMAX, and gauges with no stormscope, 2nd 430, or other fancy stuff.


mine is 2136# Steam guages,& all the extras except leather

2002 SR20 #1251

Our 2002 SR20 (SN 1226) has an empty weight of 2133 lbs. It has a 2 blade prop, leather interior, EMAX, and gauges (‘C’ package)

serial # 1260. One of the last 4 or 5 vacuum pump specimens. C Model, everything except Skywatch–2148.

2004 Serial # 1393 Glass Panel with 2 blade, cloth, skywatch — 2,119 pounds

SR20 #1310 C model (or better SR20 - 220 series, like Boeing Airbus *) All electric 3 blade, everything but Skywatch. Soon to be fiited with ADF / DME / Garmin 330

SR20 100 series vacuum
200 series all electric
300 series PFD
400 series brain attachted to neuron-network ?

C model, 3 blade prop and all options except skywatch weighs in at 2146.

Looks like I may be the lightweight of the bunch
Empty weight w/ stormscope and 2 blade prop is 2085
915 useful load