ATP vs American Flyers vs others


I am looking to being training next spring and have been looking at ATP Flight School mostly but also heard about American Flyers.ATP is quite upfront about their costs and timelines but seems American Flyers don’t disclose these details. Does anyone know how much American Flyers cost and timelines for each stage of process?Also is there much difference between the schools in terms of getting placed and earning potential since I know ATP offer a guaranteed instructor placement.Or are there any other recommendations for schools?

Please help.

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Those types of schools do one thing exceptionally well, marketing.

The first question you should be asking is what are you looking for? If you’re looking to purchase a Cirrus at some point, go find a Cirrus training center or csip close to home. ATP or American fliers is not the place for you. If you’re looking for a career (that sounds to be the case) what is impotrant to you? Location? Price? Financial aid? Training time? Quality of training? Instructor qualifications?

answer those questions, aopa has a lot of other good resources on finding flight schools. Educate yourself Before making any decisions.

Instructor jobs are incredibly easy to come by today, don’t let anyone convince you that a job opportunity is a selling point in today’s market.

I did my instrument rating with American Flyers @ KFXE in an intensive 10-day course, and thought the training was excellent. This was many years ago though and I don’t know how they are today. Most of their CFIs were young guys fresh out of Embry-Riddle (or other Aviation program) and building time on their way to the airlines, but the guy I had was great. He probably had less than 500TT, but really knew his stuff.

If your going to go with a Cirrus though, better to get a CSIP.

Good luck.

I was recently reintroduced to Ocala Aviation Flight Training, and you might compare their pricing. They have part-61 and part-141 programs available. I used them many years ago to get my twin rating, as preparation for my Eclipse type rating. Their twin was a well used Aztec at the time. Good luck, Steve.