Arnav vs. Avidyne info

Here’s a couple more data points for those of us trying to decide between the Arnav and Avidyne displays:

Arnav: The new V920AH software will be available around April 2002 or before. No mention of any hardware upgrade. The screen resolution is 640x480 but will have the “appearance” of higher resolution through software management. I’m not sure how that will be done - some sort of “wonder bra” technique I suppose. The new software will permit terrain mapping and color fills of bodies of water.

Avidyne: There is no special shut-down procedure. Just turn it off or turn the avionics master switch off. Price and availability is an open issue. Cirrus says first quarter, with an aluminum panel in the meantime. Price will be about $4,000 for the display, plus about $1,500 for labor (changing the wiring harness, etc.), but those aren’t firm yet. The interactive CD from Avidyne doesn’t include the EX5000C. The interactive CD does describe some “lightning enhancements” (Strike Flash, Lightning History, Messaging), but those features ARE NOT available on the EX5000C. In the Cirrus, the display will be in the Horizontal orientation.

Both companies (Arnav and Avidyne) were very prompt and helpful in their replies to my questions, as was Cirrus, and I think either of the displays would be just fine. Now, if someone would simply tell me which display is best for my circumstances, we could all have a merry Christmas!