Arnav Engine Monitoring disables WX-500 on Sandel in SR22?

Question for those four or so owners with SR22’s who have added engine monitoring from Arnav:

Does you Stormscope still display on the Sandel?

Mine has the “WX” with a red line through it in the upper right corner of the Sandel.

We tried plugging the DB-9 RS-232 connector from the WX-500 back into the DB-9 going to the Arnav, as it was before the EMM-35 installation, but then neither the Sandel or the Arnav could access the WX-500. (Jeff at Arnav suggested this test.)

So I am trying to figure out whether the lack of WX-500 data on the Sandel is a design flaw in the upgrade or some wire out of place in my installation.

This is kind of a personal issue for me because a few hours into owning my plane, flying to California from Duluth, the Arnav died and I had to rely on the Sandel’s display of WX-500 output and it was key for avoiding TS.