ADS-B Online Survey

I’m a graduate student at the MIT International Center for Air Transportation, currently conducting a survey on ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) technology with various types of pilots. The MIT International Center for Air Transportation has been tasked by the FAA to identify potential ADS-B applications which would benefit flight operations.

ADS-B is an alternative to radar where aircraft broadcast their altitude, heading, GPS driven position and other information to ground stations and other aircraft. The ADS-B datalink can also be used to uplink weather and traffic information to the cockpit. ADS-B is a fundamental element of ATC modernization plans in the US and other parts of the world.

We are actively looking for pilot input into this process and are asking you to participate in a short web based survey. We are very interested in getting representation from all aviation segments which could potentially benefit from ADS-B including Helicopter, Fixed Wing, Part 135 operations, Part 121 operations, and the military.

The survey can be found at It does not require any prior knowledge about ADS-B and should take less than 10 minuets to complete.


This was a good survey, and well worth providing our input.

I learned that ADS also allows for plane-plane communication and display of other nearby planes position, course, speed, etc. This would be much better than skywatch.

I can’t see where the groundlink data would be usefull, we already have XM weather.

If you are going to have two way data exchange between the ground and plane, go ahead and have the plane report wind speed and direction with the planned data stream. Imagine how accurate a winds aloft report would become!