Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields website

Do you ever wonder what happened to the old airport where you learned to fly? The “Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields” website, at www.airfields-freeman.com, is a free historical archive of pictures & description of 1,876 former airfields, in all 50 states & territories.

Meigs Field, Glendale Grand Central Air Terminal, Flushing Airport, and many others lavishly documented. Visit www.airfields-freeman.com to see them all!

Paul Freeman

A great site, with lots of then and now charts and pictures. Really interesting to look up the airfields where I grew up and are not there anymore…

Agree. It’s a great site. For people who live in Chicago there’s a book called “Lost Airports of Chicago” that is a treasure trove of Chicago aviation history.

I love Paul’s site too. I have no association with Paul (other than enjoying his website), but I’d encourage folks to consider making a donation to help his cause.


Thanks - glad you folks enjoy the site.


Great site. I think I sent a few $ a while back, well worth supporting: aviation history.


This terrific archive is obviously an incredible amount of work. Simply amazed at the effort here. Thank you for sharing it.

This is a fascinating site, thanks! In addition to donations, if you happen to have photos of old airfields, you can send them to paulandterryfreeman@gmail.com…I have certainly flown over some but, until now, it never would have occurred to me that there was someone who might want to hear about it…

The Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields website, at http://www.airfields-freeman.com, recently had 2 milestones:

The content on http://www.airfields-freeman.com has also continued to grow, now with a total of 1,920 former airfields covered, in all 50 states. Several hundred other entries have been updated with additional pictures & information.

So if you haven’t visited http://www.airfields-freeman.com in a while, come back & see how much interesting aviation historical material has been added to the site.


Paul Freeman


My son has a rugby game here in Culver, Indiana today and it happens to be at Fleet Field. Feel free to use these pictures.


There is a phone box outside the hangar and it still has a dial tone

Looking down Rwy 34

Looking down maybe 26 the grass strip

Donation just sent via PayPal. Thanks for keeping up your labor of love!


You’re very welcome! Thanks for the support.



I went to Culver

No wonder you still have that Hoosier hospitality.

We used to go down there from ND to teach the kids lacrosse. I met Steinbrenner on a flight to South Bend once when he was headed down to see one of his sons enrolled there…

Thanks to material submitted by readers, the historical content on www.airfields-freeman.com has continued to expand: In the past 3 months, a total of 35 additional airfields have been added to the website, bringing the site’s total of airfields covered to 1,996, across all 50 states. Many of the existing writeups have been updated with new material, with a total of over 30,723 airfield pictures now on the site.

So if you haven’t visited www.airfields-freeman.com in a while, come back & see how much interesting aviation historical material has been added to the site.


Paul Freeman

I just killed more work time than I’ll admit… That is a fun website. I found my original airport I soloed at, Santa Rosa Air Center

The historical content on www.airfields-freeman.com continues to grow. with two recent sources of a significant amount of historical pictures & information. In addition to other readers’ contributions of material, two readers of the site, Kevin Walsh & David Stevenson, have recently contributed a treasure trove of material which has started to appear on the site & will continue to be added to the site over the coming month. I appreciate the flow of pictures & material from everyone else, as www.airfields-freeman.com is truly a collaborative project. The site’s total of airfields covered now includes 2,068 airfields, across all 50 states.

If you haven’t visited www.airfields-freeman.com in a while, take a look to see what’s been added.

Paul Freeman

The number of former airfields covered on www.airfields-freeman.com now includes 2,101 airfields, across all 50 states. This includes new additions describing former airfields in California, Pennsylvania, and other states, new images of Meigs Field IL & Haley AAF IL, and updates to many other articles describing former airfields. If you have applicable material, particularly pictures, please let me know!

So if you haven’t been to the website in a while, come take a look at what’s been added!

Paul Freeman

Thanks for continuing this labor of love, Paul! I just sent a donation.