135CD from another perspective

N135CD has apparently taken up residence for good at Wings Aloft. I saw people oohing and aahing at it when I went out this afternoon (had just finished an article, was taking advantage of a rare stretch of clear-sky weather to go flying up into the Cascades). As someone else here has pointed out, the SR20 is surprisingly large when seen up close – but in a good and impressive sense, implying room within.

I won’t report every time I see this plane, but here’s my reason for doing so now. I had come in after milking a 172 through the Cascade passes, which were spectacularly beautiful today. As I was walking back into the Wings Aloft building I noticed that 135CD wasn’t in its hanger, which stood empty. But a minute later I turned around – and saw it shortly after take-off, from BFI’s imposing 10,000ft main runway. It was a couple of hundred feet off the ground, it was banking toward the east in the directions of the Cascades itself, and looking at it made me realize that I hadn’t seen one in flight before. I’d been inside them, but hadn’t viewed one aloft from the ground. Very graceful! No one will be disappointed on the coolness factor.

Here endeth the N135CD sighting reports, unless something else interesting occurs. jf