You have to have XM-RADIO!

You have to have XM-RADIO!

Well, you spent $200,000-$300,000 already, what is another 1/10th of 1% more($299.) My XM Radio is now installed and it is wonderful! Jazz, blues, classical, country, R&R, 40Â’s, 50Â’s, 60Â’s 70Â’s 80Â’s, 90Â’s and even CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC and BBC(The best news on the planet). At least 100 different channels so far, even Latin stations, and all crystal clear digital sound.

There are many different models, but I choose the SONY so I could move it between the Cirrus, car and home. My avionics guys shortened the antenna wire to about 5" and wired another 12V cigarette plug under the panel somewhere and tied the output sound into the back of the Garmin intercom. They tied into the same wire going to the socket in the glove box. The power and the sound wires protrude up through a new grommet hole in the sunshield a few inches. We just used Velcro to stick it to the top of the dash in the center. It is very low profile. The small satellite antenna is also Velcro mounted to the dash further out near the windshield.

What is really cool is setting it to your favorite station and listening to it all the way across the country. (IÂ’ve not flown out of the state yet, but assume it will work anywhere)

One more thing you will need is the “Sound Booster” by Mike&Max, just as required for most MP3 players.

Just get it, you will love it!

George: Great to hear it works well in the Cirrus. The only drawback to XM is that it does not carry National Public Radio. NPR is carried on the other service Sirius. Sirius is due out very soon.

Oh, BTW, BBC is the second best news on the planet, just behind NPR!

Question: Will the Sony pick up
Sirius when it is available?

Where can I find the “sound booster by mike&max” you mentioned in your post?



I was just visiting Circuit City to explore the satellite radio idea three weeks ago!

Could you post some detailed pictures of your installation? Also, will the Sony unit work with both XM and Sirius? Thanks!

And the problem with NPR is that they don’t carry RUSH LIMBAUGH!

Shirley, Thank God XM does not have NPR. It is so far to the LEFT, the plane would be turning left circles all the time. They still think Algore is the President.

Alex, You can get the Impedance Matching Device (IMD 340) (Sound booster) from for about $25.

RUSH is from Mars, NPR is from Venus. :~)



Bill: Fortunately, political persuasion is not a prerequisite to membership in COPA! BTW can you post pictures of your installation?

It wasn’t clear from the post whether your avionics tech solved the impedance matching issue. There was a reference to the Radio Shack part number for the matching transformer in an earlier thread on the issue of the Garmin audio panel. It is not a “boosting” issue as much as an impedance match to the Garmin audio panel. If you are tying in to the Garmin music input behind the panel, that would be the logical location for the impedance matching transformer.

Also, will the Sony work with Sirrus Satellite Radio so far as you know?

At present, XM will not receive Sirius and Sirius will not receive XM. The two Satellite Digital Audio Receivers (SDARs) utilize very different methods to index the multiple stations (multiplex) within the narrow frequency band through which they transmit. Thus, one receiver is not compatible with the other.

Interoperable receivers ARE being developed, but only by third party companies that have joint development agreements with BOTH XM and Sirius. (I don’t think Sony is one of them.) In fact, according to their websites, the following companies are developing SDARs for Sirius: Alpine, Clarion, Delphi Delco, Jensen, Kenwood, Panasonic and Visteon. XM radios are produced by at least Alpine, Delphi Delco, Pioneer and Sony.

Obviously, neither XM nor Sirius is interested in developing an interoperable receiver, but instead are interested in cornering the subscription service market. In fact, it appears that the interoperable SDAR market will be driven by the auto mfrs.

So, like everything else electronic, today’s state-of-the-art is tomorrows obsolescence.

Yes, I will post a picture in a few days. Relative to the impedance matching issue, I ordered the device from When the sound goes up to where I can hear it good, I call it a “boost”. LOL

I don’t know if the SONY will receive Sirrus, but if you go to SONY.COM and get their phone number, I’m sure they can tell you. The SONY seemed like the right choice for me as it is small, and removable to my car with the extra kit they sell. I only wanted to pay the $9.90 per month one time. Once you hear it, you will want it for you car also.