WTB pilot side nav/strobe assembly

antone have a Whelen nav strobe that will fit a 2004 SR22 they want to sell?

I got one from Ross at Midwest for my 20, he had extras laying around from LED conversions. He may have one available if you contact him.

You need the original stock light that came on it? Pretty sure I have mine of my 04 22

These parts can be purchased on aircraftspruce.com and aviall.com. The strobe runs about $80 (for the exact cirrus part with wire and connector). The NAV lights, red glass, green glass and aliminum frame are also fairly cheap (in aviation terms).

What is broken exactly? Then we can give you the right part numbers.

I need the whole assembly(hangar rash). James how much do you want for yours? I checked aircraft spruce and they want 8 weeks. My plane has been in annual for last 3 weeks so looking to get the part ASAP.

If you don’t find a solution easily, check with Jim Barker. I bet he has some from conversions.

I’ll check the hanger in the morning. PM me your number.