What to do with an old airplane.

And the answer is:
Turn it into furniture.
I came across this story today.

Unfortunately, I am on this guy’s mailing list! Quite Pricey.

There is also someone else out there who sells old 727s for use as a house. I presume that he attaches it to a pedestal or foundation at your site and reconfigures the inside as well. I suppose you could furnish your new 727 home with B25 furniture!

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There is also someone else out there who sells old 727s for use as a house

Speaking of 727’s and for you divers, there is one off Miami Beach

Also, see: http://www.divemiami.com/spiritofmiami.htm

I saw an ad for the 727 house on E Bay. You pay $250,000 and supply the property, and you get a B 727 on a pedestal converted inside to a house!

My son wanted to get me a piece of “old airplane furniture” for my 60th birthday. My wife nixed the idea!

That will make a great reef. I’m going to have to dive it some day. Took up diving at 62, two years ago and love it.

Bugs Away Norm SR22

Hows my free stuff doing?

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My son wanted to get me a piece of “old airplane furniture” for my 60th birthday. My wife nixed the idea!

Jerry: So that give him about 12 years to work on your wife?[;)]

Thanks but I only wish that were the case. I turn 60 in a little over a month.
Time flies when you’re having fun.

I thought it was “fun times when you’re flying”

This “bug away” stuff should be called “anything away”. It is the best stuff I have used so far on the paint surface, windows and just abaout anywhere else!

Washed the plane today with the “A” solution and water. It took all the oil off the bottom of the plans as good as the scrubbinbg bubbles but without all the spary and foam all over the place. Flew for an hour, picked up a bunch of bugs and the “B” solution took them right off in 5 minutes.
We have discussed a lot of products that both wash, protect and debug the Cirrus but this is the first solution that does it all in one. It seems to protect the fin ish in a non-wax manner. Is it better than wax?

Thanks Brian: This is the hardest stuff to get plane owners to use. I guess with the type of investment they have in the Cirrus they just don’t want to take any chances. Cirrus Owners: I sent out 20 sample kits at a great expense to me in time and money. Brian is the only one that came back to me telling me how GREAT the stuff is. I always new it was good, I use it all the time and I’m its compounder. Please test the stuff and get back to me. If you have any questions in ref. to its use and how to use it you can contact me by my e-mail address or you can call me toll free at 1-800-521-2200 EST. Bugs Away Norm SR22

Norm: I am one of your special recipients. I have been out of town and just now returned. I appreciate the samples and hope to use them very shortly. I will report back. Thank you for sending them.
David Schwietert 203 RF PFD/TKS


I was out of town for a couple of weeks after it arrived. Used it once and so far I am very impressed. Seemed to make the old bugs come off easy and then any new ones wiped off very easy.

WIll be able to give a better pirep in a few weeks. Initial feedback is a big thumbs up.

Thanks for the sample. Like some others been busy but
this past weekend I used the product and was very impressed. After washing used on leading edges and took
old bugs off very easy. I’ll report back after my big white bug
collector comes back from some more flights. So far it’s the
best product I’ve used.
Thanks Again,
Nick SR-22


Ditto for me. Just tried it yesterday and was VERY impressed. More PIREPS to come…

Randy Erway
Lincoln, NE

Thanks: I spoke to may of you by phone and by e-mail in ref. to Bugs Away and More. Your input has been a great help in helping me formulate this product. It is now easier to use, you now only have to place a chemical into a bucket of water and wash your plane with it, flush if off with fresh water and towel dry. The other formula is used for upkeep of your leading edges, windscreen, and for the removal of the oil from your belly.

Questions, My Answers: This product is non abrasive, and has no smell or chemicals that can harm your windscreen or paint. If you drink it, it will not harm you but it just does not taste good unless you add a lemon. The consequences would be it may work great for clogged intestines.

Is the product like Wing Waxer: I canÂ’t tell you that because they are not in my area. I have only waxed my plane once since I had it and have used my stuff ever since. If you make sure to flush the planes surface with fresh water after you wash it with my stuff, you will find that it really shines a lot.

Negatives: It does make your hands non stick for a while but it wears off fast and will not harm you.

Product is non- abrasive, non-toxic and safe the environment.

If you received samples and youÂ’re not getting good results, please contact me.

Norm COPA MEMBER and SR22 Owner