Weather / Data in the Cockpit

I am about to receive SR-20 #311 (6/28/02 - I hope). This comes with the Avidyne, C package, Garmin 430s. What are the currently available options for weather in the cockpit? To what databases will I have to / be able to subscribe (e.g. Jeppesen etc.)??

Alan: The options for weather in the cockpit are not exactly currently available. The Avidyne weather package will be out soon. For pictures of what the weather display will look like go to Click on “products” then Data Link DX-50. This will show you the images from the EX5000C. The product is supposed to be available very soon, but it is not yet a CD factory option. Although weather data will be available for the Garmin GNS 430, you will probably want the display on the Avidyne, not the Garmin. There are two different systems of weather delivery, one by Avidyne and one by Garmin. The hardware pictures appear identical, but there are two products. I’m going to Oshkosh in July and hopefully will have a lot more information then.

As far as subscriptions for databases, for IFR use of the GNS 430’s you will need a Jeppesen subscription. This involves a database cycle of 28 days.

In order to crossfill flight plans from one GNS430 to the other, both GNS430 must have the same cycle of data. This means that you need a dual GNS430 subscription. Fortunately, there is a discount on the second GNS430 installed in the same aircraft.

I currently use Windows 2000 which Jeppesen does not currently support on the Skybound Datawriter. I am currently subscribing at the Skybound Datawriter price but Jeppesen is mailing the new data cards every 28 days. This will change when Jeppesen gets its new hardware and software working.

At that time the database update will be by the internet. Mike Radomsky is one of the beta testers for the new Skybound Datawriter.

In addition to the GNS 430, both the Sandel and the Avidyne each have databases. Since you are not using either as your primary navigation source, their databases are not required to be current. Check COPA’s main page for information regarding current database version numbers.

Thanks for the info Steve. Can the images from the GNS 430 i.e. weather and approaches be output from the Garmin to the Avidyne? If so, what would be the advantage of getting the Wx service from Avidyne vs. Garmin?

BTW, we will be at Oshkosh the whole week. We’re staying at the Excel Inn in Appleton (920)733-5551. If you want to get together or you hear of any Cirrus owner gatherings, leave us a message. We’re at the show all day and into the evening (yep, we’re fanatics).