Wanted SR22

2007 or earlier , if you’re ready to sell I am ready to buy, private buyer, not a dealer. What have you got ? No dealers please.

Thanks for the comments and replies, I’m new to this so appreciate your input.

Is it possible to request replies to my email at southcomm@mail.com please ?

I am looking for a SR22 up to $250,000


Depends on what you are looking for; NA or TN, What generation, are you ok with dmg history or not;

There is a lot of options the way you posted it.

Welcome to COPA! Agree with Gary - that’s a huge range of models (G1-G3), avionics (Avidyne, Garmin), TKS, A/C, and a big range of prices accordingly. A little more specificity about what you want might drive more response. Good luck!

The OP is not a member.

Caveat venditor

I’ve got a 2010 Turbo FIKI Perspective for sale. 379,900 by owner.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply, I should have specified my price range , sorry.

Hopefully this post may generate a potential buyer for you ?

Thanks again