Volunteer Pilot Neded: Memphis-NH/Boston,MA Area

A volunteer pilot w/plane is needed for the weekend of 24 May to help transport a 2 month old pup from Memphis, TN to either New Hampshire or the Boston,MA area.
“Lucas” was in the Memphis Shelter w/ a cut on his leg that was improperly treated by the former owners which resulted in him having the leg amputated this past tuesday.
We do not feel a ground transport is good for him at this time and am requesting flight help. He will travel w/a crate and medical clearance from the vet in TN along w/health paperwork.
He will be taken into the following rescue:
New England DogLift
Manchester, NH
www.newenglanddoglift.com (Lucas’ pics and story here)
Julie Williams, President

Please contact me directly at: sky114@msn.com if you can help.

Thank you,