View Oshkosh Airshow from the BendixKing VIP deck

Hello COPA members,

At Oshkosh, for the past couple of years, BendixKing has been inviting owner groups to watch the airshow from our VIP upper deck at our pavilion. The airshows start at 2:30 and run until 5. We can host 30 people per fire code, so it’s a first come first serve ordeal.

Refreshments will be provided at no cost.

If this is something everyone is interested in let’s see if we can find a day that works for most people!


Steve Pearce


Steve: Hi. What a great offer! Count me in. Let me know what day and I’ll be there. Thanks! Chuck[H]

Sounds very cool. I’m there Sunday-Wednesday with the COPA group and a +1.

Hi, Steven. I would be interested. Myself and my 13 year old son.

Scott Criswell

Also interested. will be there till the 24th with my son

Steven, This is super kind. I’d be down for mon/tues. Myself plus 2 of my lil gingers.

Steve, that sounds great. Please let me know if I can attend.



Very kind of you. A fair number of COPA members enjoyed your hospitality last year. Myself included. I look forward to stopping by this year as well.

Steve, that sounds great. I will be there all week. Any days good for me.


Count me and my 16 year old in if you have room. Sounds fantastic.

Steve, I will be there with my wife and 2 little boys. We would love to join you.


I’d love to join you if possible. Myself + one adult. we’ll be there 22-24 (Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday)

Thank you,


Linda and I will be there for the Wednesday and Thursday show and would love to attend. Thanks for the invite!


we are there Sunday-Wednesday! Thanks for the invite!

Very excited to have COPA join us!

It seems like most people are going to be there Monday, so I’ll get COPA setup for Monday the 22nd. Our upper deck has a 30 person capacity per fire code, so that is the limit we can have at one time. If you could RSVP through the link below that would be great just so I can get an idea on numbers that would be great!

Looking forward to seeing you at OSH 19!



Thank you to everybody that registered for the event!

I’ve had enough people signup that we are most definitely going to be at capacity. That being said I would like to open up our VIP area Thursday as well to try and accommodate everyone. If you are staying the full week or coming later, please come Thursday so we can accommodate as many as possible.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at OSH!