usefull load

The bad news is…the usefull load at 800lbs. sucks! The good news is…On a test flight in Duluth in April my partner (165lbs) and I (190lbs)flew with a company pilot (220lbs) and my IFR instructor (240lbs) and about 35 gal’s. of fuel (210lbs)total of 1025lbs. I’m not suggesting that anyone blows a FAR, I’m just stating that the company pilot never even blinked at our load. We just recently did the math and realized how over we were. Those guys fly that plane every day, and know what they feel comfortable with. It still seemed to have absolutely no problem maintaining an adequate climb rate, and handled very well. He let all three of us fly it, and none of us had any concerns with its performance despite the fact that we were at almost 200lbs. over gross weight.