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I understand that the COM2 antenna’s horizontal orientation is better for picking up VOR and LOC signals.


I don’t believe that is correct. As I understand it, VOR polarization is such that the antenna needs to be oriented in the same plane as the “curb feelers” dipole antenna on your vertical stabilizer.

I think COM2 will still work as a VOR/LOC antenna, but with reduced performance. Only way to know for sure is try it.

Nice installation. Thanks for posting the pictures.


Nice install… but “INTERRUPT” is misspelled. The only reason I noticed is that I’m helping my 5th grader study for the National Spelling Bee.

Much of the COM2 antenna IS in the same plane as the VOR antenna. VORs use horizontal polarization, COM uses vertical. The COM2 antenna has a vertical segment and a horizontal segment (I presume simply for ground clearance) so it will be non-optimal for either, but likely to be better for receiving a VOR than COM1.

I suspect you were referring to the fact that if you were tracking directly TO or FROM a VOR (which is not unusual :slight_smile: the orientation of the COM2 antenna will be far from ideal - but I still think it would be better than COM1.

My hand-held radio has the VOR function, but I’ve never used it in the air, and have serious doubts how useful it would be even with an external antenna. I think my hand-held GPS would be far better.

During IFR training I had a complete radio failure, luckily it was nice VFR day so we landed and got the problem fixed. After that, I was little uneasy about the radios, even though I carry an ICOM A23 as backup for these situations.

My CFII realized that and on our next flight he turned off the nav radios, GPS, and moving map so I had to shoot a vor approach with the A23. It as not a thing of beauty, but found the airport at MDA.

The most difficult part was holding the radio steady and flying the plane. If one can mount the radio and connect to an external antenna for better reception, I think the pilot has a good safety tool in the tool box.

Nice job on the connections and placement.

Clyde, I stand corrected, and apologies to Bill, who was right all along. Most of the COM2 antenna clearly IS on the same (horizontal) plane as the VOR antennas on the vertical stabilizer.

On a related note, I’ve read that if you are using a handheld with the attached (“rubber ducky”) antenna, you should hold it horizontally to get best VOR reception.



Curious to know how much better your reception is with the handheld radio versus before the antenna installation.