TKS fluid inside wings

Hello, I am looking at a 2012 SR22T with FIKI. Upon removing the inspection panels I discovered TKS fluid inside the wings. Has anyone else experienced this?

I have a 2006 GTS w TKS in pre-buy/annual right now. Same issue, cause being investigated, anxious to follow this thread for likely causes.

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Overfilling the TKS tanks can cause some strange leaks. It is a judgment call on when the tanks are full. Filling to the rim is overfilling.

Yes. Figuring out where “full” is is less than ideal. On mine it is about 3/4” below the fill collar. Use the MFD gauges to discover where “full” is, and then fill to there.

That said, I thought overfill excess should go out the vent. Is it normal for it to go elsewhere?

Hi Robert -

Did you find out what the cause of the TKS fluid was?

Not yet, annual is finished and they’re finishing up the squawks, I’ll post when I find out.

Hi Robert -
I hope you are well and safe. Have you find out what caused your TKS leaking into the wings?

You’re taxing my memory. If I recall, it was a seal in the filter housing that got replaced when they cleaned the filter at annual. Haven’t checked to see if that stopped it since, but they tested it then and said no leaks.

Thank you