SW Fly in Accommodations update (failure)


As you may have read, I was trying to get a block rate for our our fly in to VGT in early October.

To date, I have failed to get any properties to get interested and am suggesting now that we all act as individuals and book our rooms.

The real issue is Las Vegas is accustomed to large conventions sponsored by corporations and structures deal this way. They want WAY more room nights than we have. They want a central billing with guaranteed spending commitments. And frankly I have found lower rates on the web than they offer convention rates - they frankly treat corporate customers like the airline, charge premium prices to them, fill the empty rooms to the tourists… [:(]

Enough of that. I will continue to look for a property to have our dinner on Saturday night that is probably a restaurant instead of a casino. Fortunately, Walt set up the seminars at Lone Mountain, so our forum is unaffected, only our lodging.

I can suggest a few locations:

  1. Texas Station is very near VGT. Phone number is 800-654-8888. Room rates are lower than the strip.

  2. Santa Fe Station is north of there, 866-767-7777.

  3. Downtown is close. Check the web, Golden Nugget, Palace Station and others are a short drive to VGT and are an option to consider.

  4. The strip is where more of the upscale stuff goes on. More shows, lots of shopping for our partners, etc… Can recommend the Belagio, Aladdin, Mandalay Bay (where my wife has made our reservation), Monte Carlo, MGM Grand, etc…

Shop the web, this group is savvy that way and do the best you can. Sorry we were not able to pull this together, my ignorance of how to do a group booking in LV clearly led me to attempt the impossible.

Some of you that sent me emails directly, I have responded directly to. See you in Vegas