Sunset Over a Sea of Cirri

  • Mike.

Well, members may enjoy the forum… but apparently some spouses have a little problem with the fact that the aforementioned members spend so much time online. Unfairly, I’m getting the blame…

Here, Hilary Pritchard, wife of COPA member John Pritchard, attempts to wreak revenge.

  • Mike.

There was SO much going on yesterday that it’s not possible for me to post everything (Ian’s going to be leaving shortly, and I and my computer need to be packed and ready to go). But I think I have time for one more pic… the Eelder Shanty Choir that entertained us for most of the day on Saturday singing everything from old standards to bawdy drinking songs!

  • Mike.

Mike can you post your scan of the Aerial Shot of the European fleet on the public forum, and the Gallery? There’s a few people I’d like to point at it!

Hope you are still enjoying your self!


She seems to be having far too much fun going after you!?