Starter Issues SR 20

I have a 2009 SR 20. Went out for a flight and the starter engaged light illuminated. after killing the engine the prop kept spinning. Mechanic has changed the starter, MCU, ignition switch and sent out the switch panel for testing… still having the same issue. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. We have replaced the starter with a new one so wouldn’t the solenoid not be an issue?

The solenoid is inside the MCU, not the starter. The Skytec ST5 starter does have a solenoid, but AFAIK this is just for engaging the starter drive and does not itself energise the starter. You said the MCU was replaced so the solenoid should be new.

Sounds like your mechanic uses the scattergun approach to troubleshooting - replace everything in sight until it’s fixed. Expensive.

If you pull the breaker to the starter does the engine stop turning?

If not, it’s likely MCU related.

If it does stop when the breaker is pulled, I’d think ignition switch or associated wiring.