SR22 Market

I’m getting more serious about moving from my Mooney to an SR22. My mission is NY-Boston and NY-DC, with a trip to Indiana 2-3 times/yr. I’m thinking NA. FIKI would be nice to have, but I don’t have it now and it hasn’t limited my trips (all non-urgent).

Can anyone help me to understand the current market? Where are the inflection points, where are the best values (subjective, I understand)? Can anyone point me to where I can get this information? Where can I find info on Avidyne vs. Perspective?

Thanks in advance.

You will get MANY opinions.

If FIKI isn’t an absolute requirement, my opinion is the 2004 ish vintage of G2 SR22’s with the Avidyne system (upgraded to 650’s and the DFC90) represent the absolute BEST bang for the buck.

Well under 200k for state of the art avionics, lots of useful load, faster than newer planes…you’ll want for nothing. This is from someone who had a 2004 and now has a 2008 G3 with Perspective (only sold the 2004 due to moving and needing to dissolve my partnership).

If FIKI is a requirement, you’re going to need a MUCH newer plane. Can’t remember when they started…2010?

Best Scott Bakula voice: “Oh boy” Plenty of advice coming your way.

My observation of '07 or '08 models that were equivalently equipped except for Avidyne vs Perspective was a price delta of about $50K.


The best place, by far, to get this information is on the Member’s side.

All of the questions you raise have been discussed there ad nauseum. It is well worth the $65 membership fee if you are seriously considering a Cirrus.

Something like this ?

I just bought a plane from Chris with good success…

Hey, Dennis! I know I’ve already told you this, but I’ll put it out here in case anyone wants to comment.

This is largely budget dependant. I just don’t think you can enjoy anything more than you can the Perspective. But then I have that, so that’s what you’d expect me to say. That came out in mid-'08, and it seems reasonable to think those early ones will hold value pretty well, considering the avionics are the same as the new SRs.

But I also told you I thought the best VALUE in the fleet is an R9 G2. The R9 has almost no premium for a terrific avionics package.

In evaluating my thoughts, my experience should be weighed. I bought one Cirrus two years ago. I like it a lot. :slight_smile:

Thanks Nate.

I’ll give an example of what I mean by an “inflection point” from the Baron world. In 1974 the E Baron went from 136 gal max fuel to 166 gal max fuel. The rest of the plane was basically unchanged. In 1984, the Baron 58 went from 520’s to 550’s, the old single midline control yolk was changed to a standard 2 yoke configuration and the gear and flap switches were moved to what was considered industry standard. In both cases there’s a premium for the newer model, but not in proportion to the increase in utility/value (at least in my own mind [:D]).

An example in the Cirrus world would be the spar changes and increase in fuel capacity in a G3 vs a G2. What I’m curious about is how much of a price delta there is for the change. I’ll still have to make up my own mind as to whether it’s worth it.

I agree that what plane to pursue is highly budget dependent. What bothers me more is the cost of depreciation on a late model plane. I’ve heard estimates of 5% per year. That’s 20k on a 400k airplane. That’s about the same amount as my entire annual budget now. I’ll be basically paying double for the same performance. Granted the plane is newer, I’d be flying behind glass, and I have the chute, but there’s a commensurate large change in costs (not even associated with how much I fly). I need to decide whether it’s worth it to me to get the newer plane.

That’s what I’m trying to get at with my question.

I bought a 2006 G2 less than a year and a half ago, and I think that it offers a great combination of value and utility. I agree that the upgrade to GTN 650s and the DFC 90 autopilot are great to have, or even the R9 which I have never flown with but gets great reviews. In my opinion, from the pre-buy research I did, the best values are in the G2s. I have flown with the Garmin Perspective, but like the simplicity of the Avidyne Entegra. My plane has TKS anti-ice rather than FIKI de-ice. Personally, I have little interest in launching into likely or known icing, so I am happy with the protection of the TKS in case of an unexpected icing encounter. FIKI is only available in late model planes and hence, much more expensive.

The attached Cirrus Model History article from a 2008 Cirrus Pilot article is outdated, but still includes very useful information on models and equipment. Good luck with your search.
Cirrus Model History 1-08.pdf (2.92 MB)


Having studied this for years now:

  1. I think the rapid depreciation from overproduction in 2007, 2008 and then the subsequent innovations from 2010 onward has stabilized. Turbonormalized Perspectives with FIKI are selling for at or slightly more than they were a year ago.

A. There a several forces at work here, but the chief driver of depreciation (IMO) is the significant advances in utility that Cirrus has added, particularly when compared to Mooney, Beech and Cessna. For example, if I can’t get a FIKI G36 Bonanza at any price, then a non-FIKI 2008 G36 is worth about the same, adjusted for hours, as a 2007 or 2009 non-FIKI Bonanza. Not so with a Cirrus, a non-FIKI SR22 is “less capable” than other available Cirri, and will remain so forever. So this “depreciation” exists as to greater degree than other common pistons.

B. They made a lot of G3 GTS Cirri in 2008. A lot. I remember looking at slightly used Perspective SR22s in 2008 and thinking that $449 was a lot for a 4-place airplane. I don’t remember what they were actually delivering them for in those days, but I bet a typical Garmin GTS SR22 has lost less than 20% of it’s original MSRP since delivery. I can’t find a 2008 pricelist to verify, but I bet someone can chime in. The wild drops in value cited by many may be overstated or may be a function of wild price increases as about $120,000 worth of options that weren’t available in the recent past are now commonly ordered.

  1. Steele Aviation has a much more up-to-date evolution of the SR22 line that is current through 2014. Check out their website if you have specific “must-haves.” I have the changes important to me down to the serial number if you really want to get specific.

  2. With the advent of the SF50, I think Cirrus has been slightly neglecting the piston line and will continue to do so. Thus, I don’t see any big-step changes to an airplane that can carry four real people a reasonable distance through real weather burning somewhere between 12 and 17 GPH, with the safety of a bail-out if the airplane really lets you down. The next things for the SR22 line are a G2000 or G3000, diesel powerplant, turbine powerplant, pressurization (in order of likelihood). Those same upgrades are available to all the other guys making piston singles and yet I don’t worry too much about a 2015 Cessna 206 being substantially less capable than a 2017 (and losing the commensurate value). I believe solid, highly capable, well supported airframes are going to retain value barring another world crisis more so than they have since 2008 as the market continues towards corporate turbofans.

Is Vref the best pricing guide? Or is there any data available on what airplanes actually sold for, as we have for cars?

I am looking for a SR-22 G2, and the advertised prices are 20-30% above Vref prices. Is there any guidance on how much these airplanes actually sell for?

Any help will be much appreciated.


Follow this link: CirrusModelHistoryBook.pdf (1.78 MB)

I just bought an 04 22 NA with 650’s and DFC90a/p back in July. Has ac and fresh chute repack. Great C/C plane for NE and occasional trip to FL.


Congratulations on the plane! Much nicer flying your own than renting. I hope you have many years of safe and enjoyable flying with it.

Just sold a 2004 G2 with 550 hours at $225,000. Fresh out of annual and a new chute

Just bought (almost done) a 2006 TN for not much more…

My 22 had:

Avidyne Entegra Primary Color Flight Display (PFD)
•Avidyne FlightMax EX5000C Multi-Function Color Display (MFD)
•CMAX Chart View Electronic Approach Plates
•EMAX Engine and Fuel Monitoring
•Garmin 4 Place Intercom
•Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
•Garmin GNS 430 Color GPS/NAV/COM
•Garmin GNS 430 Color GPS/NAV/COM
•Garmin GTX327 Transponder
•STEC 55X Autopilot with Altitude Preselect
• XM Weather that Displays on MFD

Also is equipped with TKS

There are good deals to be had out there