SR22 IFR Training

Just passed my IFR check ride in my new SR22 and want to thank Bob Littlefield for my training. He is thorough and knows the SR22. If you are in the Phoenix area and need a great CFII who is Cirrus certified, Bob is your man.

Let’s have the details. How long did it take, where did you go. Hey, there are no clouds in AZ!

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Just passed my IFR check ride …

John (or Cristie - I’m not sure)…

That’s a terrific endorsement in several ways - in your logbook, of your ability, tenacity, and more. Well done!

  • Mike.

I started the IFR training as soon as we got our new SR22 in April 04. Passed the check ride in September. I flew all over AZ and a trip to Montgomery Field in San Diego, CA, hoping for IFR weather. But the cloud layer cleared out 30 minutes before we got there. Yes, there aren’t many clouds in AZ and when there are it is usually thunderstorm material, so I am still trying to get in some real IFR stuff.