Duluth, Minn.-Based Aircraft Design Firm Unveils Product Update

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10 March 2004
Duluth News-Tribune (KRTBN)
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Mar. 10–Duluth, Minn.-based Cirrus Design Corp. on Tuesday announced the launch of a new airplane model called the SR22-G2, an updated version of their company’s popular SR22.

The new model – G2 stands for second generation – -- incorporates several new performance, comfort and aesthetic changes to what already is the world’s best-selling private airplane, company officials said.

Changes in how the plane is built will help Cirrus speed up production, eliminating four stations from the production line, said David Coleal, chief operating officer. The production changes will increase output above the current two-plane per day level.

Changes in the model include new door latches, engine cowl, a more plush interior and a six-point engine mount. They will increase the price by 4.6 percent to $328,700.

The original SR22 model now has been discontinued. The first SR22-G2 was delivered Tuesday to a customer in Seattle. The company continues to build the less-expensive SR20 as well.

Spokeswoman Kate Andrews said Cirrus had excellent fourth-quarter 2003 sales.

“We were one plane away from outpacing Cessna in production for the fourth quarter,” she said.

"February was “a superb month, the best” for new orders, she said.

The production changes have not affected employment in the Duluth plant

The G2 is a very nice refined airplane. If anyone is weighing their options between the Columbia 350 and an SR22, make sure you check out the G2 specifically before making your decision. Then, choose the Cirrus.