SR20 G2 - EGT and CHT indication error!

After a bit of advise please.

We keep getting indication error with EGT or CHT. Every time the aircraft goes for maintenance, they clean the contacts and within 2 weeks, we have either a missing EGT (normally number 6) or over heating CHT which goes to red then goes normal and goes red intermittently.

I was told there is an SB, but this problem is recurring even if the wiring harness is changed.

Is there is a permanent fix for this?

Have they looked at the connector on the firewall?

All I ever get is this, “the connector is cleaned and treated with silicon grease”. After a week or so the indicators on the MFD misreport.

The leaning can no longer be done accurately, which is very annoying.

Erratic indication or inaccurate readings?
Post engine data please

Thanks Jim,

Have uploaded all the data onto