SR-22 panel

Hi folks

I’m a young portuguese PPL pilot trying to make some money to buy a SR-20 or 22 in some years time!!

I’ve always loved the SR20 concept and the plane is the best GA aircraft in decades!!!

Some of the things I’ve heard about the SR-22 would be a great welcome for the SR-20 too.

For instance the all electric… great entrance into the new millenium for GA… very good idea!!!

As for the interior, the SR-20 always looked like the Airbus concept… but the airbus cockpits have some user friendly items that I think could be good in a Cirrus… for instance the retractable tables in front of the pilot seat… a sort of a clip to hold charts in the same area… cup holders in the center console… these are just some of the suggestions.

With the new diesel engine and some FADEC system attached, the Cirrus will be THE GA aircraft of the new century without any doubt.

Goncalo Areia